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Creating a Local Unit Data Cleanup Program

A Guide for Campus Unit Leadership

This section outlines decisions unit leadership should make before starting to develop the actual unit cleanup process. For details about the cleanup process, see Data Cleanup Implementation.

Key Decisions

  1. Appoint someone to assume overall operational leadership.
  2. Determine what role others in the unit will play.
  3. Develop local policy about retention of confidential data.
  4. Decide who is responsible for determining whether a given file with confidential data should be retained.
  5. Decide on an approach to verifying that employees are fulfilling their responsibilities under the program.
  6. Determine where responsibility lies for tracking what computers continue to hold confidential data.
  7. Decide what latitude different parts of the unit will have in executing the program.
  8. Ensure that unit leadership has communicated the importance of this effort, who is in charge, and what is expected of people in the unit.

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