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Email and Calendar Accounts for Student Employees

All undergraduate students receive a G Suite account (previously known as Cmail).

Student employees who need to work with faculty/staff calendars can activate an Office 365 Exchange account for that purpose. A student may also choose to use their Office 365 account when they are in a country in which their G Suite account cannot be accessed.

This article applies to: Cornell G Suite for Students

Undergraduates use G Suite for their primary email and calendar activities. Office 365 is useful in specific circumstances, as described below.

What Office 365 Is

Office 365 is a service from Microsoft that manages email, calendars, task lists, and address books. CIT has contracted for campus-wide Cornell Office 365 for faculty, staff, and retirees, as well as for graduate or professional students who need it, and for undergraduate student employees.

What Undergraduate Office 365 Accounts Are For

Undergraduate Office 365 accounts are intended to support student employees whose job-related tasks include:

  • access to faculty/staff calendars
  • access to faculty/staff shared folders
  • restricted access to Resource Accounts

For example, a student employee may need to schedule meetings for faculty or staff. The student would need an undergraduate Office 365 account to do this because permissions to view or schedule calendars (and other mail folders) can only be granted to other Office 365 accounts. 

Undergraduate Office 365 accounts are primarily for the purpose of accessing other Office 365 accounts. A student may also choose to use their Office 365 account when they are in a country in which their G Suite account cannot be accessed. G Suite is still considered the primary Cornell-provided email and calendar service for all students. Students can send or receive email and meeting invitations for themselves from their G Suite account.

Use Your Undergraduate Cornell Office 365 Account

Most student employees use a computer at their workplace to access their undergraduate Office 365 account. These computers are usually already set up to use Office 365, so all the student employees need to do is log in with their NetID and password. 

Incoming email is delivered to both the student's G Suite account and Office 365 account. However, actions a student does in their G Suite account (reading, deleting, replying, filtering, sending, inviting, etc.) won't be reflected in their Office 365 account, and vice versa. 

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