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Email Known Issue: Persistent Forwarding Alert

When an email user has set up forwarding from an Office 365 account to an external address (typically set through Outlook on the web), Outlook on the web displays an alert every time the user accesses the account. The Alert icon in the toolbar (the bell) will show that there is at least one new alert every time. Dismissing the alert does not make the indicator go away.

All student Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) accounts will display this alert in Outlook on the web because Microsoft interprets the way we route to G Suite as forwarding. Also, the "Turn off Forwarding" link in the alert message does not work for students. (Students cannot remove this forwarding.)

You will only see this message is you access your Cornell email account through Outlook on the web, not when viewing you mail where it has been forwarded.

While this issue does not actually break anything, CIT recognizes that it is both confusing and annoying. Microsoft is aware of the issue and CIT is working with them to resolve it.

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