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Cloud-Based Email and Calendar

This article applies to: Email for Faculty and Staff

Because Cornell’s email and calendar is a cloud service, in some cases only Microsoft has access to the settings and systems necessary for issue resolution. This means, sometimes, we report issues to Microsoft and they work to fix them, but we may not know the details of what happened or how it was fixed.

When this occurs, we still work hard to follow up, ensure Microsoft staff understand the issue, and establish the root cause to reduce the possibility it will happen again. We and our support partners at Microsoft are committed to working together as diligently and quickly as possible to fix problems.

We encourage users or their support providers to submit a ticket for each user affected by unexpected behavior or difficulty with campus IT services like email and calendar. Doing so will help compile accurate statistics on how broadly a problem is impacting the Cornell community and help collect data that might lead to a resolution.

Overall, cloud services bring many benefits to Cornell. Cornell’s contract with Microsoft and other vendors specifies support levels to be provided to Cornell and we strive to ensure our vendors meet these requirements in order that the benefits are realized as fully as they can be.

To submit a ticket, or if you have a question, please contact the IT Service Desk.

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