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EZ-Backup Bill Example: Extra Storage Discount

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

The following is an example of a Billing Summary email that a qualifying department might receive. Detailed explanations of the terminology are available in our Glossary of Terms article.

Bill to: KFS# IT-ABC1235-_____-6601-___-__________-________

          Nodename             Backup Archiv  Total  Extra   $ Base  $ Extra  $ Total

          -------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ -------- -------- --------

          ORG.BOBBIE.EZBACKUP-   2.3G   0.0M   2.3G   0.0M     5.50     0.00     5.50

       *  ORG.DAVID.EZBACKUP@-  40.7G   0.0M  40.7G   5.7G     5.50     0.17     5.67

       *  ORG.DON.EZBACKUP@AD-   6.9G   0.0M   6.9G   0.0M     5.50     0.00     5.50

       *  ORG.JAN.EZBACKUP@AD-   3.0G   0.0M   3.0G   0.0M     5.50     0.00     5.50

       *  ORG.JENN.EZBACKUP@A-   6.2G   0.0M   6.2G   0.0M     5.50     0.00     5.50


          ORG.JOHN.EZBACKUP@A-  38.7G   0.0M  38.7G   3.7G     5.50     0.11     5.61

       *  ORG.KERRY.EZBACKUP@-  37.3G   0.0M  37.3G   2.3G     5.50     0.07     5.57


       *  ORG.PAULINE.EZBACKU-   5.7G   0.0M   5.7G   0.0M     5.50     0.00     5.50

      Total for 8 nodes      140.8G   0.0M 140.8G   1.7G    44.00     0.35    44.35

       *                                 ">15GB Extra Storage Discount":   -$    0.07


                                             NET CHARGE TO THIS ACCOUNT:    $   44.28


   *    Explanation of ">15GB Extra Storage Discount":

               --- Discount Qualifiers ---

                            Department: ABC

                     Technical Contact:

               --- Discount Calculation ---

                                                   Entire  Just This

                                               Department    Account

                                               ----------  ---------

                        # Qualifying Accounts:          2

       *                 # Qualifying Systems:         44          6

                     Aggregated Extra Storage:     110.2G       8.0G (7.3% of Dept)

               Aggregated Extra Storage >15GB:      95.2G

               Credit for Extra Storage >15GB:     -$0.95     -$0.07

                                         Credit allocated to this account: -$   0.07

Notes for the above example:

  1. There are two account numbers using EZ-Backup within this department. The above billing information is for only one of the two accounts, IT-ABC1235-_____-6601-___-__________-________. This is reflected by the "# Accounts" item displaying as "2". All other accounts will also start with "ABC", since it is in the same department.
  2. While there are 8 systems using EZ-Backup on this account, only 6 of them qualify for the ">15GB Extra Storage Discount". This is because 2 of the 8 systems (BOBBIE and JOHN) have a different Technical Contact. The 6 systems which do qualify have an asterisk (*) to the left of the nodename. Note that BOBBIE and JOHN do not have asterisks next to them, indicating that they do not qualify for the discount. The 3.7 GB of extra storage associated with JOHN does not qualify for the discount. Since BOBBIE does not have any extra storage, it doesn't matter whether it qualifies for the extra storage discount.
  3. The other account has 38 additional systems which qualify for the extra storage discount. This can be determined from the fact that "# Systems" is listed as 44 for the department, but only 6 for this account. These 6 systems have a total of 8.0 GB of additional storage, 7.3% of the 110.2 GB of additional storage for the 44 systems.
  4. The department qualifies for a $0.95 credit. This is allocated to each of the accounts within the department, based on each department's relative extra storage usage. In this case, this account had 7.3% of the extra storage, so it receives 7.3% of the $0.95 credit (or $0.07).

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