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EZ-Backup Problem: No Files in "My Docs" After Restore

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

User Experience

When attempting to restore files on a Windows 7 system using the TSM GUI Client, you 

  • find no files in the "My Documents" folder shown in the TSM GUI Client; OR
  • can't find the "My Music"/"My Pictures"/"My Video" folders in the TSM GUI client

How to Solve this Problem

The files can be found in different places:

  • "My Documents" files can be found in the "Documents" directory
  • "My Music" files can be found in the "Documents -> Music" directory
  • "My Pictures" files can be found in the "Documents -> Pictures" directory
  • "My Video" files can be found in the "Documents -> Video" directory

In brief, the Windows Explorer provided by Microsoft as part of Windows 7 is masking the true location of these files from the end user. 

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