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EZ-Backup Features

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Automated Backup No need to remember regular backups. EZ-Backup can be configured to back up everything automatically. Of course, files may also be manually backed up at any time.
Flexible Schedules Most computers are backed up overnight, when they are used the least, but EZ-Backup allows users to schedule backups at any time they choose.
Customizable Options Users can decide what level of backup protection they need -- from individual files to entire systems. Users also have the several options as to when and how backups occur.
Incremental Backup After initially backing up all requested files, by default, EZ-Backup only backs up new files or files that have changed. This allows for very fast backups with minimal network usage.
Data Compression Data is compressed by the workstation before sending it to the EZ-Backup Server, so network usage and storage are minimized.
User File Recovery EZ-Backup's easy-to-use graphical interface or a command-line interface allows users to restore their own backup files. Rather than wait for a technical support person for assistance, users can recover their files themselves. Backups can be restored by file, directory, filespace or system, with the option to restore to a specific point-in-time.
Multiple Backup Versions EZ-Backup allows several versions of the same files to be kept for as long as the user requires. As files change, previously backup versions are retained on the server for a limited time. This allows users to restore previous versions of the file.
Server-managed Storage The EZ-Backup server uses a combination of disk, tape, and robotics to store your files in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The server's database keeps track of where your files are stored, so you don't have to.
Automated Monitoring EZ-Backup monitors the status of all backups. If for some reason the target system fails to get backed up for a user-specified number of days, the user is automatically notified via e-mail.
Cross-platform Restore Allow other computers with a similar operating system to recover files from the backup server.
Off-site Backup EZ-Backup's server is located in a different building than your workstation. In the event of a disaster or accident in your workspace or office, the remote location of your data will ensure it is safe.
Off-campus Copy of Data The data entrusted to the EZ-Backup service is also copied to a secure off-campus location in New York City at no extra cost.
Archive EZ-Backup allows users to archive files for long-term storage.
Automated Monthly Billing For departments, EZ-Backup is automatically billed monthly to your departmental account. A summary of the charges is sent to any valid e-mail address(es).

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