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Advantages of EZ-Backup

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

Reliable Solution Because EZ-Backup is used to back up the University's critical data, it is essential that the service be reliable. The EZ-Backup service is a stronghold backup solution for the University's critical data, so it will be a centrally supported service, and is one that must be scalable for future growth.
Scalable Solution Departments can use EZ-Backup for one or two systems, or several hundred systems. The solution is very scalable because of several features, including its "Progressive Incremental" backup strategy, data compression, and more. Departments do not need to worry about purchasing just the right sized backup solution - EZ-Backup will incrementally grow with their needs. See also "Cost Benefits" below.
Distributed Support Model The EZ-Backup staff is dedicated to supporting the EZ-Backup service, and can therefore focus specialized expertise on supporting the service. Department Support Staff are in the best position to understand and address user needs, whereas CIT is in the best position to support backup technology and provide support for department support staff. Vendors are also available for escalated, in-depth, support.
Centralized Support Functions Departments or individuals don't have to spend time, energy, and resources to plan and acquire a backup strategy. EZ-Backup is an established solution that is easy to plug into. All of the following activities are taken care of for you:
-Research, RFP, evaluation of hardware and software alternatives;
-Acquisition of backup hardware, software licenses, support contracts, etc.;
-Installation & configuration of backup server -- hardware (e.g., server, tape & disk drives, robotics, etc) and software (operating system, Tivoli Storage Manager, etc);
-Maintenance of hardware & software;
-Diagnosis & resolution of problems;
-Capacity planning (upgrading capacity as required);
-Supporting customers, including escalation of problems to vendors, if required;
-Testing & distribution of client software.
Cost Benefits / Economies of Scale A large, shared storage solution, supported centrally, is more economical than smaller individual backup storage solutions. For example, volume purchasing enables savings for software licenses, and higher capacity storage products are more cost-effective than many smaller capacity products. Capital expenses are financed centrally, so there are no initial up-front expenses for departments using the service for hardware or software, no expensive upgrades for new storage growth, no expensive upgrades for new software versions, and no unexpected costs for breakdowns. Therefore, there is a consistent rate structure for backup. In addition, a dedicated staff can focus on backup expertise.
Secure Off-Campus Data Store Additional copies of backup and archive data are kept at a secure off-campus location at no further cost to departments. If a disaster in Ithaca should disable campus infrastructure, Cornell data backed up through the service will remain secure. The university-funded project makes use of the high-speed network connection between the Ithaca and New York City campuses and Cornell-owned machinery at Weill.

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