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CIT Training: Use Case Modeling

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 8:30am
Use case modeling is a commonly used analysis technique which results in functional requirements and a framework for test case development. When the solution to a business problem or opportunity involves a software component, the solution team must determine how software will best support the business. A use case diagram clearly depicts the scope of the solution to be designed which can help set expectations for stakeholders as to the complexity and interactions with the system. This class focuses on the business analysis work of defining functional, non-functional, and transition requirements which describe the solution and roll out needs. In addition to use case modeling, this course provides guidelines for developing system and user interfaces, a checklist for non-functional requirements, and strategies for developing an implementation plan. These are critical components in fully defining your solution requirements. *Breakfast at 8am & Lunch at Noon - both included* To register for this class, visit:
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