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Drupal SIG

Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 1:00pm
Cornell's Drupal Special Interest Group (SIG) will host two presentations at its next meeting. The first 30 minutes will be about setting up a local development environment on your laptop (or desktop) so you can build, tinker, test and try out all things Drupal without affecting any production environments. Jeramy Kruser will be going over how to set up the environment, editors, git workflow and gui tools to get your local development environment up and running smoothly. Bring your laptop along if you would like to follow along in person. The second half of the SIG will cover the new Drupal 8 configuration management tool and how to move configuration from one environment (i.e. your local dev!) up to dev, test, prod etc without having to rebuild your configuration or overwrite the database. Nick Tubbs will show how you can easily move entire content types with fields, views, blocks etc up in a few simple clicks and how this compares to the Features module in Drupal 7. Join us for some great Drupal Conversation and free donuts! We have the room reserved beyond 2pm so feel free to stick around and chat with others after the presentations.
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