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Unit Administrator Guide (Entry-Exit)

This article applies to: Entry-Exit

The Entry-Exit project is on hold. Production use of Entry-Exit has been paused until further notice.

Unit Administrators

  • create sections within the unit and assign one or more admins to each.
    Each Section should correspond to a discrete work group that will perform tasks when positions are filled or vacated. Some examples are HR, Desktop Support, and Building Care. Each Unit can decide for itself what their Sections will be.
  • have visibility into, and can make changes to, all tasklists used in the unit's sections.
  • can view both ongoing and past events.
  • can generate reports.
  • are responsible for frontline end-user support within their own unit, and for escalating issues with the application to IT Support.
  • default to is the HR Director; additional unit admins can be added.
  • can manage multiple Units. If similar tasks across the units are performed by different people, the units should be maintained separately in the Entry-Exit app.

Unit Administration tasks are found on the Units tab.

  • To create a new Section, click Create New Section. Enter the Section Name. Add Section Administrators by searching by Name or NetID. Click Save Section when done.
    Section Administrators are usually the supervisor of the work group that corresponds to the Section. It should be whoever knows best what tasks must be performed when Workers are on-boarded or off-boarded.
    PLEASE NOTE: Sections can never be deleted, because they must be preserved for historical reporting purposes. Do not create a Section until you’re confident that your Unit will be organized that way.
  • To add additional Section Admins later, click Edit Section Admins for the Section. Add Section Administrators by searching by Name or NetID. Click Save Section when done.
  • To manage Recipes for the Unit, click Manage Recipes. Create a new Recipe by entering a New Recipe Name and clicking Add. On the list of recipes, click Edit for the desired recipe. The Tasklist Templates will be displayed by Section, under Step Two. Select the desired Tasklist Templates by clicking the corresponding checkboxes. Click Save when done. You can also rename the Recipe by changing the Recipe Name field (under Step Two) and clicking Save. Delete a Recipe by clicking Delete on the appropriate row in the list of Recipes.
  • To specify who can Initiate Events, click Edit Initiators. Add an Initiator by searching by Name or NetID. Click Save Initiators when done.
  • To remove an Initiator, click Remove next to the Initiator you are removing. Click Save Initiators when done.
  • To add a Unit Admin, click Edit Unit Admins. Add a Unit Admin by searching by Name or NetID. Click Save Administrators when done.
  • To remove a Unit Admin, click Remove next to the Administrator you are removing. Click Save Administrators when done.

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