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Initiator Guide (Entry-Exit)

This article applies to: Entry-Exit

The Entry-Exit project is on hold. Production use of Entry-Exit has been paused until further notice.


  • initiate a specific transition event (an entry/exit action).
  • retrieve or enter required information about the worker and the event.
  • select the tasklists or recipes appropriate to the event.
  • make any ad hoc changes or additions needed for the specific event.
  • specify who the validator will be for this event.
  • have visibility into any event they initiated.

A unit can have any number of initiators.

Initiator tasks are found on the Initiator tab. The procedures below start with you looking at the contents of that tab.

Create a New Event

  1. Click Create New Event.
  2. Enter the following information about the worker:
    • Event Title - Give the event a title. This will be visible to Assignees, Supervisors, and others who have visibility into Events.
    • Worker Type - If the position exists in Workday, select Workday Position. Enter the Workday Position Number, then click Submit Position Number. Information for Supervisor, Organization, Position Name, and Account Number will be retrieved.
      If the position is not in Workday, select Other Worker. Fill in what information you have for Position Number, Supervisor, Organization, Position, and Account Number. Only Supervisor is required.
    • Worker Full Name - Enter the name of the worker who is filling or vacating a position.
      This is a plain text field, so use whatever format you prefer.
    • Worker NetID - Search for the Worker NetID by Name or NetID. This field is not required in the event that the incoming worker has not yet been assigned a NetID.
    • Effective Date - This is the effective date of the event, presumably the hire date for on-boarding events, or the last day for off-boarding events.
    • Validator - Specify the person who will validate the event by searching by Name or NetID. This field will default to the person entered in the Supervisor field, but this can be changed to anyone else.
    • Supervisor Designee - If the Supervisor is a high-level administrator or other person who is too busy to perform tasks and oversee events, it is possible to enter their designee here. The Designee will receive automated notifications and be assigned any tasks where the template indicates Supervisor as the default assignee.
    • Event Note - Enter any information specific to this event or that you otherwise want front and center.
  3. Select a Recipe and/or Template: If a Recipe has been configured for this type of event, select it from the dropdown list, then click Apply. You will see, in the list of templates below, that the relevant templates have all been selected. You can add or remove templates if desired.
    If no Recipe applies, select the relevant templates as needed for this event.
  4. If not all information is known at this time, click Save to save your partial event, to be completed later. It will appear on the Initiator tab with the choice to Continue.
    If you have completed all required information, click Create Draft Task List to prepare the event to be dispatched.
    It will appear on the Initiator tab with the choice to Dispatch Tasks. Dispatch Tasks is the command that begins the process of automatic notifications. 
    No notifications will go out, and Assignees won't see the tasks for which they are responsible, until Dispatch Tasks is clicked on the Initiator tab.

To delete an entire event, click Delete Event.

To edit any event info, click Edit Event.

To modify the tasks within an event, click Edit Tasks. Here you can add, edit or remove tasks, and add or remove Assignees.

Assignees, Initiators, Supervisors, and Validators have the ability add and read Task comments during an active event. Be careful not to include sensitive information or confidential data. See the Definitions section of this Information Security article.

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