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Assignee Guide (Entry-Exit)

This article applies to: Entry-Exit

The Entry-Exit project is on hold. Production use of Entry-Exit has been paused until further notice.

CIT encourages you to watch the Managing Tasks video for an overview of how to be an Assignee.


  • may be an individual, a group, the keyword "Supervisor" (for the position), or the keyword "Employee."
  • receives an email notification when a new task or tasks assigned.
  • checks off a task when completed.
  • can add comments to an assigned task.
  • has visibility only into their assigned tasks.

Assignee tasks are found on the My Tasks tab. You will see all tasks that include you as an assignee. 

You can filter your list based on the worker's name, or on the status of the tasks assigned to you.

  • Accepted by Me - You have accepted, but not completed, this task.
  • Not Accepted - No one has accepted this task yet. You can use this filter to find work that needs to be done that no one has claimed yet.
  • Accepted by Others - Another assignee has accepted responsibility to completing this task.
  • Declined by All - All of the assignees have declined this task.
  • Completed - Tasks that are finished.

For each "Not Accepted" task listed, you have the options of Accept, Decline, or leaving unmarked. You might decline a task if you know someone else in your group will handle it, if you know you will be unavailable, etc. Best practice is to accept or decline each task as soon as possible, rather than leaving them unmarked.

Other assignees will still see tasks that you accept, but they will also see the status "Accepted by Others" and will not have the Accept/Decline choices.

Assignees, Initiators, Supervisors, and Validators have the ability add and read Task comments during an active event. Be careful not to include sensitive information or confidential data. See the Definitions section of this Information Security article.

Click Show Info to see the complete task description. You'll also see a Comments field here. Any assignee can enter notes here, whether you've accepted the task or not. Be careful not to delete another person's notes.

If you have accepted the task, at the bottom of the Show Info section is the Complete button, to be clicked when, well, you have completed the task. 

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