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View Your Inventory (Endpoint Management Tools - Mac)

This article applies to: Endpoint Management Tools

This page is intended for IT support professionals. End users should contact local IT support.

As computers are enrolled, you can view and search the inventory in Casper via a web browser and you can then save the results in PDF and text formats.

  1. Log into your JSS site at<JSSInstance>
    replacing <JSSInstance> with your instance's name.
    For example,
  2. Click Computers. You can search for various components (peripherals, applications, etc.). By default, Computers is the selection.
  3. Enter search attributes, then click Search. Leave the search field blank to include all computers in the search results. The results appear as a list of the computers matching your search.
  4. To view the details of any computer listed, click on its name.

Once in detail view, information on that inventory item is presented in a set of panes: general computer information, hardware, OS, etc. Click the desired category in the sidebar to view that pane.

To save the results of a search in PDF or text formats, select an option from the View Results As drop-down list below the search results. For more about these formats, refer to the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide included in the Casper Suite DMG.

To save a search for future reporting, click Advanced Search instead of clicking Search Computers (step 3 above). On the Advanced Search page you can save a search as a named report, indicating format, complex criteria, and selecting which fields to include. Saved searches appear on the lower half of the simple search page. For a complete description of all the options in advanced searches, refer to the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide included in the Casper Suite DMG.

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