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Use Managed Preferences (Endpoint Management Tools - Mac)

This article applies to: Endpoint Management Tools

This page is intended for IT support professionals. End users should contact local IT support.

Managed Preferences allow you to specify settings that can apply to the computer (system level) or to a user account (user level). You store the settings in a profile, and link the profile to a preference.

Create a Managed Preference Profile

  1. Log into your JSS site at<JSSInstance>
    replacing <JSSInstance> with your instance's name.
    For example,
  2. Click Computers.
  3. In the left nav, click Managed Preferences.
  4. Click the blue plus sign icon.
  5. In the General panel, enter a Display Name.
  6. Select your Site from the drop-down list.
    (If no sites have been defined, you will not see this field. That's okay, just continue with the next step.)
  7. Pick from the listed Payloads.
  8. Click the blue plus sign icon to use the desired setting.
    If a setting template for your intended setting is not present, choose Custom at the bottom of the list, then select Manual Setting or Update Manifest if you have an existing plist file with your setting.
  9. Select a Level from the dropdown list.
  10. Set the Value. (Most values are true/false.)
  11. Select the Scope tab, then make selections to apply this profile to the desired Computers, Users, or Network Segments.
  12. Click Save

The settings in the Profile you just created will be applied to the scoped computers, users, or network segments. The level you specified (in step 9 above) determines when the settings are applied.

  • The three User Levels are applied at next login.
  • System Level is applied at next reboot.

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