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Notes on Your Casper Management Account (Endpoint Management Tools - Mac)

This article applies to: Endpoint Management Tools

This page is intended for IT support professionals. End users should contact local IT support.

At several points, Casper will ask you to create a Username and Password, which will be used to enroll a computer and manage computers. You're not logging in at this point, you're setting up login information for the management account. You can enter anything you like here, but we have recommendations.

First, we suggest you come up with a management account name and use it consistently. If you worked in the Department of Beekeeping, you might choose bees_managed for your Username, and use it each time. When you look at your inventory, you'll see what account was used to enroll each workstation, so using a consistent and descriptive name is helpful.

Second, we suggest you use a reasonably complex password. Good news: (1) you don't need to remember the password, because you'll never type it again and (2) you can make up a NEW password each time Casper asks you to create a Username and Password for a management account, even if you follow our earlier suggestion and use a standard account name.

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