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Enroll a Client Overview (Endpoint Management Tools - Mac)

This article applies to: Endpoint Management Tools

This page is intended for IT support professionals. End users should contact local IT support.

Enrolling a client installs the Casper agent on a computer, adds the computer to the Casper inventory, and enables the computer to be managed using Casper. Here we list four supported methods of enrolling a client.

QuickAdd Package

A QuickAdd package is an installer for the Casper agent that has your management account credentials embedded within the installer. You use a QuickAdd package if you want to create an installer that you can distribute more than once across your organization from a file server or USB stick. This method is best to use when planning a mass-deployment of the Casper client to your machines. Enrollment occurs when you run the the QuickAdd package on the client computer.

Procedure for Enrolling via QuickAdd Package

User-Initiated Enrollment URL

The user-initiated enrollment URL is a quick and easy way to enroll a computer into Casper. When you log into the computer enrollment page a QuickAdd package is dynamically generated for you to download to your computer. The QuickAdd package generated from the computer enrollment page is only good for one enrollment and cannot be reused. This method is best when a Casper admin or tech needs to enroll a single computer quickly. Despite its name (chosen by the vendor), this method is not for use by end-users.

Procedure for Enrolling via Enrollment URL

User-Initiated Enrollment Invitations

Sending User-Initiated Enrollment Invitations is a method that allows end-users to self-enroll their computers, eliminating the need for an on-site visit by the tech. This method is best when you

  • need to perform a mass-deployment of the Casper agent,
  • do not have an easy way to physically access the machines, and
  • do not have an automated mechanism to mass deploy the agent.

Procedure for Sending Email Invitations

Imaging a Computer

Computers are automatically enrolled into Casper when imaging a computer with a Configuration. Imaging is typically done when setting up multiple computers to be identical in configuration, or when rebuilding a computer after a fatal hard drive crash. For more information about imaging a computer see our Create a Configuration article, then our Image a Computer with Boot Media or Image a Computer with Target Mode article.

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