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Download and Install Casper Suite (Endpoint Management Tools - Mac)

This article applies to: Endpoint Management Tools

This page is intended for IT support professionals. End users should contact local IT support.

After your IT group has been given access to Casper, admins of your Casper instance can download and install the Casper Suite. The Casper Suite is required to

  • Create Images,
  • Upload Packages,
  • Create Software Packages, and
  • Create Desktop Configurations.

The Casper Suite includes the following applications currently supported by CIT:

  • Recon - Acquire or Enroll Mac OS X Computers.
  • Casper Admin - Upload packages, scripts, and printers to your server.
  • Casper Imaging - Image hard drives with the configurations in Casper Admin.
  • Composer - Build PKG and DMG packages.

Two other applications are in the Casper Suite but are not currently supported by CIT:

  • Recon.exe - Acquire Windows computers.
  • Casper Remote - Screen Share and perform remote management tasks. (CIT supports Bomgar for these tasks.)

Download and Install the Casper Suite
(requires OS X 10.7 or higher)

  1. In the OS X Finder, from the Go menu, select Connect to Server.
  2. In the Server Address field, type
    then click Connect.
  3. When prompted, log in with your NetID and Password.
  4. Double-click the CasperSuite DMG file to mount it.
  5. Drag the Casper Suite folder to the Applications folder on your Mac.

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