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Create Inventory Reports (Endpoint Management Tools - Mac)

This article applies to: Endpoint Management Tools

This page is intended for IT support professionals. End users should contact local IT support.

You can save the results of a simple or advanced search in a text or PDF format. Besides the computer inventory search described below, you may export results from the membership of a static or smart computer group, or from licensed software. For a complete description of computer reports, refer to Computer Reports chapter in the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide included in the Casper Suite DMG.

  1. Log into your JSS site at<JSSInstance>
    replacing <JSSInstance> with your instance's name.
    For example,
  2. Click Computers. You can search for various components (peripherals, applications, etc.). By default, Computers is the selection.
  3. Enter search attributes, then click Search. Leave the search field blank to include all computers in the search results. The results appear as a list of the computers matching your search.
  4. From the search results click Export.
  5. Select CSV, tab, or XML, then click Next.
  6. Select a inventory item to base report on, then click Next. The file will be saved in your downloads folder.
  7. Click Done.

Save a Search for Future Reporting

  1. Log into your JSS site at<JSSInstance>
    replacing <JSSInstance> with your instance's name.
    For example,
  2. Below Advanced Computer Searches Click the plus sign icon next to New.
  3. Click to put a check next to Save this Search. A Display Name field will appear.
  4. Use the Criteria tab to set your search parameters and the Display tab to set your output. Click Save (on the Criteria tab) when finished.
  5. Click View to see the search results.

To save a search result to PDF, you must print to PDF. The JSS web page will have all of the outer navigation content stripped from the printed version.

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