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Configure Inventory Collection Preferences (Endpoint Management Tools - Mac)

This article applies to: Endpoint Management Tools

This page is intended for IT support professionals. End users should contact local IT support.

When computers are enrolled into Casper a complete inventory of the computer's hardware, software, and other attributes are stored in the Casper database. The default Inventory Collection Preferences provide enough information to meet most needs, but, if desired, you can fine tune the preferences to change what information is collected.

  1. Log into your JSS site at<JSSInstance>
    replacing <JSSInstance> with your instance's name.
    For example,
  2. Click the gear icon at the upper-right.
  3. Click Computer Management.
  4. Under Computer Management - Management Framework, click Inventory Collection.
  5. Select the appropriate tab to make changes to what is gathered during inventory collection.
  6. Click Save when finished.

For more information on each of the Inventory Collection Preferences tabs, refer to the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide, which is included in the Casper Suite DMG.

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