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Enterprise Content Management Platform Scheduled Maintenance

Periodically, the ECM service and the subservices upon which it depends need to be patched and updated.

This article applies to: Enterprise Content Management

IT@Cornell has reserved time slots for scheduled ECM maintenance:
Between 9pm and 11pm Monday through Friday, and between 6am and noon on Sundays.
All times are in U.S. Eastern Standard or Daylight Time.

Every effort will be made to use these time periods to perform maintenance activities. If the maintenance activities extend beyond the anticipated in time, the IT@Cornell IT Service Alerts page will be updated accordingly. Upcoming scheduled maintenance is published on the same page, and posted to net-announce list. Should maintenance be required outside of the scheduled maintenance window, an announcement will be posted to the same page and to the net-announce list.

Announcements about scheduled maintenance will include a statement of the impact to the service, such as whether the service will be available during the maintenance. If a scheduled maintenance activity is expected to impact service, CIT intends that information regarding that maintenance activity will be communicated via the IT@Cornell IT Service Alerts page, the net-announce list, and other appropriate venues no fewer than 5 business days in advance of the maintenance activity, and will follow the CIT Change Advisory Board (CCAB) standard processes for change control and notification.

Emergency maintenance will be performed to solve problems that cannot wait. CIT will follow the standard CCAB processes for communicating these events, including posting to the IT@Cornell IT Service Alerts page and the net-announce list.

Known periodic maintenance activities are listed in the following table.

System or Subsystem    Vendor Patching Frequency    Date
Windows Server Operating System Updates    Microsoft    Monthly    On the weekend following the second Tuesday.
Unix Server Operating System Updates    RedHat    Twice yearly    On a weekend in Nov-Dec.
On a weekend in Apr-May.
Database Patching    Oracle Twice yearly    Schedule varies, and is determined yearly.
On a weekend in Jun-Jul.
On a weekend in Dec-Jan.
ImageNow Server Software Patching
Perceptive Software    Quarterly   Patches are released on or about the 15th of each month.  Production patching will occur approximately two weeks later.  New installers for the clients will be release the same time.
ImageNow Client Software Patching    Perceptive Software    Quarterly   Client patches coincide with server patches.  The version of client software can lag behind the server version.  Pushing new clients out to the users is the responsibility of the department.
Java updates to user machines
Oracle    Quarterly Every quarter, Oracle releases a new version of Java.  Installing this on user desktops is the responsibility of each department.

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