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Enterprise Content Management Platform Support

Support information on this page relates to the Enterprise Content Management Platform service only.

This article applies to: ECM Platform

To report issues with the service that runs on the platform (Cornell Enterprise Content Management), or to request enhancements to the platform, contact:

The Enterprise Content Management Platform service technical team is responsible for fulfilling requests from departmental IT administrators.

These requests may include:

  • Implementing portions of a solution spelled out in a Perceptive solution design document, in particular:
    • Installing and configuring newly licensed ImageNow modules if the decision is made not to have the vendor do it.
    • Server-side capture profiles for groups of users.
    • Mail Agent configuration plus EGAs, as needed.
    • Groups and group permissions.
    • User Replication configuration.
  • Migrations of objects between environments (dev to test to prod).
  • Occasionally refreshing dev and test with more recent copies of production.

ECM Platform support is also responsible for:

  • Keeping campus appraised of Java issues as related to WebNow usage.
  • Publishing a planned outage calendar.
  • Defining storage costs, as needed.
  • Monitoring storage usage by drawer.

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