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CUView Layouts

How to create different layouts for your CUView digital sign

This article applies to: CUView Digital Signs

Each digital sign has a layout assigned to it. The layout determines the number and location of:

  • Content blocks (to display playlists)
  • Ticker blocks (to display crawl lists)

See the layout example below. Each channel player is assigned up to 6 Playlists and/or 4 Crawllists, depending on need.

Most signs have one layout. If more than one layout is necessary, your layout request will need to include a display schedule.  This would be the case if, for example, a meeting center needs a layout with two content blocks and a ticker during open hours and a second layout with one content block for after hours.

Create and Update Layouts

Customers create and update their own CUView layouts using the Axis TV Utilities software. The software may be downloaded from Axis TV. To install the software, in Axis TV, select System Tools, then Instl Axis TV, then Axis TV Utilities. Follow the prompts to install the software.

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