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Add a Ticker in CUView

Add a ticker to your digital sign using CUView

This article applies to: CUView Digital Signs

If you have a ticker block on your digital sign, you'll need to create tickers to display. Tickers are organized into crawl lists. Scheduling options for crawl lists control how often each ticker changes, when it is displayed, the order, etc.

  1. Click Create, then Ticker, then click the type of ticker you want (Text, Weather, or News).
  2. Create the ticker using the options on screen. If you need assistance, click Help at the top right. When you're finished, click Next.
    Text Ticker options - Type the text you want to display, then click preview to see a sample of what it will look like.
    Weather Ticker options - The only weather option currently available is AccuWeather.
    News Ticker options - Select options appropriate for your display, then click preview to see a sample of what it will look like.
  3. Choose the crawl list to which you want to add the ticker. Set the display and scheduling options.
  4. When you're ready, click Finished.

Your new ticker has been added to the crawl list you selected. 

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