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Add Content to a Playlist (non-Advanced) Channel

This article applies to: CUView Digital Signs

Playlist Channels are simple channels that only contain one playlist which fills the entire digital sign screen. They are distinguished from Advanced Channels, which contain a playlist and other elements, such as time and weather widgets, text tickers, social media cards.

 In Appspace channel listings, playlist channels have blue icons by default.   Appspace playlist channel default icon

Adding Content to a Playlist Channel

  1. From the Appspace Dashboard, click the Channels icon.
  2. Click the name of the playlist channel. Appspace will open the Edit window for the channel, showing the current playlist.
To edit a playlist, be sure to click the channel's name. Clicking the icon next to the channel name will open a preview of the channel.

Appspace playlist channel - Edit window

  1. Click the blue + ADD button. 

  2. The Add content or folders window shows your folders and their contents. Click a folder name on the left, and it will show the contents of that folder on the right.

    Appspace Add Content window
    • To sort library items, click the dropdown list under the folder name and choose either Recently Updated or Name.
    • To filter which items are visible, click the filter icon  ""  at the top right of the display area, then choose Type, Created, or Expired by to show items that match your choices.
    • When you're ready to add an item to the playlist, click its thumbnail image. A blue checkmark will appear on the upper-right corner of the selected item. To deselect a card, simply click it a second time. Click additional cards to add them to the selection for your channel as well.
Click the white arrow at bottom right to expand the Selected window at the bottom of the screen. This area will show the items you have selected so far. This may make it easier to keep track of selected items. (Click the white arrow again to close the Selected window.)
  1. When you have finished selecting content, click Add (at the bottom right). The content items will be added to the beginning of your playlist.

Managing Content in the Playlist

To the right of the Content playout icon, Appspace shows how many items are in the playlist and gives the playout duration (how long the list will take to play through all slides).

  1. To change the order that content will be displayed on your sign, select the Content playout icon  Content playout icon and choose a method from the dropdown:
    • Name (shows items in alphabetical order)
    • Updated (most recent items display first)
    • Shuffle (slides display in random order)
    • Custom (if you select Custom, manually set the order by dragging items up or down in the list using their Move icons  move icon )
  2. To make changes to the settings of an individual content item, open that item's Summary window by clicking the item's name. 

    Appspace content item - summary tab
  • On the Summary tab, make changes using these fields (all are optional):
    • Title: optionally type a title that will be used for this item in playlists and library folders.
    • Expires on: to have this item expire after a particular date, click for a pop-up calendar and select a date. The item will be removed from playlists, channels, and content folders at midnight at the end (midnight) of the selected date.
    • Article and Caption: generally not used, but could contain a description or write-up about the current item. Text in these fields will not display in your item or channel.
    • Content Tags: type tags here, separated by commas, if you organize your content using tags.
  • Get more information about the item by clicking: 
    • Preview icon  Appspace Content Summary screen, preview icon : displays the current item in a new browser tab at full size.
    • Download icon  Appspace Content Summary screen, download icon : click to download the item from Appspace to a local folder.
    • Additional Info icon  Appspace Content Summary screen, Additional info icon  : click to display details about the current item. 
  • Click the Allocations tab to display a list of all channels where the current content item is in use.​​ 
  1. Click the Save button to keep any changes you have made and return to the playlist.
  2. When you have finished making changes to your content, click Preview to see what the channel will look like. (To return and make further changes to your playlist, click Edit to return to the list of content.)

Removing Items from the Playlist Channel

  1. In the playlist Channel window, click the three dots icon Appspace playlist channel - icon for additional item actions (three dots)  at the right end of the item line.
  2. From the menu, click either:
    • Remove (to delete the item from the playlist channel; it will remain in your library)
    • Disable (to temporarily hide the item from playing) / Enable (to show the item again)
    • Move to bottom (to move the item to the end of the playlist)
  3. Changes made will be auto-synced to your sign within a few minutes. (It is not necessary to publish changes.)

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