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Add Groups to a Confluence Space

This article applies to: Confluence

Confluence groups can be given permission to access Confluence spaces. (Individual users can also be given permissions.)

When a Confluence space is created, two Confluence groups are also created:

  • confluence-<spacekey>-admins
  • confluence-<spacekey>-users

In addition, two "global" Confluence groups exist:

  • cornell-confluence-users (all Cornell users who have credentials for Cornell's Confluence implementation)
  • confluence-users (all users who have credentials for Cornell's Confluence implementation)

You may also request the creation of new Confluence groups. Once they have been created, you can add them to your space using the steps below

Depending on the specifics of how you requested your Confluence space, some of these groups may have permissions within your space.

Here's how to add group permissions to your Confluence space.

  1. Log into Confluence and view the space where you want to add the group.
  2. In the bottom-left corner of the browser window, click Space tools, then select Permissions.
  3. In the Groups section (at the top of the screen), click Edit Permissions.
  4. Still in the Groups section, type the appropriate group name in the empty field at the left, then click Add.
  5. On the line that now shows the group you just added, set the various permission levels. A green check means they have the permission. A red X means they do not. See our Set Permissions for a Confluence Space article for a description of each permission.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for additional groups as needed.
  7. Click Save All when you are finished.

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