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Team Spaces, Team Feedback, and Teamwork

Support complex work with versatile tools. Having a dedicated space or features dedicated to the task at hand, whether it's discussion or issue tracking, can streamline the process.

This article applies to: Collaboration Tools

SharePoint Online

Cornell SharePoint Online enables web-based collaboration for groups of all sizes and serves a wide range of uses for workgroups, crossdepartmental teams, courses, projects, workflows, information gathering and sharing, and more. SharePoint Online sites can use a very wide variety of web parts, such as calendars, tasks lists, small databases, and wikis. Cornell SharePoint Online sites require a site administrator and a degree of setup that varies, depending on the complexity of the site and how much functionality is to be added to the basic features the site comes with.
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Cornell Box

If the primary work of a team is sharing and commenting on files, Box can be a useful tool. Box features include comments, task assignments, and approval workflow. Another useful team feature is Box Notes. With Box Notes, you can quickly take notes, share ideas and collaborate in real-time with your team without leaving Box. The notes are web-based documents and do not require any other software in order to create, view or edit. See the Box support site for more information about Box Notes.
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Confluence is a tool for working on a collaborative web site, also known as a wiki. Confluence uses a WYSIWYG interface (what you see is what you get) to make it easier to create, edit, link to, and share web pages. It is a no-fee service and available upon request for Cornell-related work, projects, and research.
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The CU Blog Service from CampusPress is a simple solution for collaborative discussion websites. Faculty and staff may request and administer blogs that they and students and people outside of Cornell may contribute to.
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Cornell Survey Tool

The Cornell Survey Tool (Qualtrics) can be used for much more than surveys. It's a fast way to create and send simple forms, or to invite a group of people to share their thoughts. Standard reporting allows you to quickly get and share the information that's been gathered.
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