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COECIS Linux Printing

Printing with Linux in CoECIS

This article applies to: CoE CIS IT Service Group

Add a Specific Printer

(CUPS version 1.6 and later; Ubuntu 13.04 and later)

These steps are all done using the web browser to ensure continuity between Linux distros.

  1. Review the list of COECIS printers at: Note the Queue Name of the printer you plan to connect to.
  2. Go to: http://localhost:631/admin.
  3. Click Add Printer. Enter local username and password when prompted.
  4. Under Other Network Printers, choose Internet Printing Protocol (ipp), and then click Continue.

  5. In Connection, enter:ipp://<printername>
    where <printername> is the name listed under Queue Name on, and then click Continue.

  6. In Name, enter whatever you want to call the printer, and then click Continue.

  7. In Make, choose Generic, and then click Continue.

  8. In Model list, choose Generic Postscript Printer (en). Click Add Printer.

  9. On Set Default Options for <printername>, click Query Printer for Default Options.

Printing with Command Lines – lpr

Basic commands to print from the command line include:

  • List available printers: ‘lpstat --p --d’
  • Print to a specific printer: ‘lpr --d printer filename’

Printing with Net-Print

If you are using Linux with Net-Print, please see the following documentation: Net-Print Linux.

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