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VPN for CoE CIS and TECH Campus

Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to connect to Cornell resources from remote locations.

Instructions for installing and connecting to VPN are found here: After installing, refer below for connecting to specific departments

When you log into the VPN you will need to know what network you want to log into.

Enter your username in the below format when logging in with the Cornell VPN software. Replace <netid> with your NetID

Ithaca Staff

Cornell Tech Staff

Temporary and Student Workers

Academics (Faculty, Lecturers, Grad Students, Research Assistants)
Department VPN Pool Name
AEP <netid>@en-ap-vpn-acad
BME <netid>en-bm-vpn-acad
CAM <netid>@en-am-vpn-acad
CBE <netid>@en-cb-vpn-acad
CEE <netid>@en-ce-vpn-acad
CIS <netid>@en-ci-vpn-acad
CS <netid>@en-cs-vpn-acad
SDS (DSS) <netid>@en-ss-vpn-acad
EAS <netid>@en-ea-vpn-acad
IS <netid>@en-is-vpn-acad
ECE <netid>@en-ec-vpn-acad
MAE <netid>@en-ma-vpn-acad
MSE <netid>@en-ms-vpn-acad
ORIE <netid>@en-or-vpn-acad
PCG <netid>@en-cg-vpn-acad


TECH JGSM <netid>@ct-vpn-jgsm

Network IDs

Use of the Cornell VPN requires a NetID or Guest ID. Users without a network ID should contact the IT help desk.

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