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COE CIS Tech Campus IT Services

A summary of ITSG Services and Service Level Agreements


The COECIS IT Service Group provides Administrative, Faculty, Research IT assistance to College of Engineering, Computing and Information Science, and Tech Campus in partnership with IT@Cornell.

Support Hours

  • Standard hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Walk-in support hours from embedded ITSG staff: Monday – Friday 8:30am – Noon, and 1:30pm – 4:30 pm
On-call support is available for critical systems after hours, weekends, and holidays to resolve emergency issues, "the occurrence of an unanticipated and sudden situation that is life threatening, catastrophic in nature, or involves pressing necessity for immediate repairs, reconstruction, or maintenance in order to permit the safe continuation of a necessary use or function, or to protect the property or the life, health, or safety of any person."
Note: Emergency tickets will page on-call staff and the IT Director. They are intended to be used when health, safety or infrastructure are at risk.

Request Support

You can request support from the COECIS IT Service Gorup via the Kayako Ticket System found here:

You can request support from IT@Cornell at the following link:

Resolution Time

During regular business hours, we strive to resolve all issues within 4 business hours. During peak times, we may need to prioritize requests by the following criteria.

  • Urgent: Any unscheduled outage with wide-ranging business impact requiring immediate resolution; problems that would affect the productivity of multiple people. (For example, services unavailable due to server being down.)
  • High: Problem affects a single customer who cannot perform their job. (For example, computer will not power up; customer unable to log onto computer; hard drive failure.)
  • Normal: Problem affects single customer limiting ability to perform job (For example, customer is unable to print to a particular printer, but can print elsewhere.)

Standard Maintenance and Notification

The ITSG performs routine maintenance every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 7 am.  To balance between the need for change and the potential impact of changes, the COECIS ITSG uses a Change Management system intended to ensure standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to controlled IT infrastructure.

  • The ITSG maintains the above window which is intended for standard maintenance and updates of COECIS and ITSG systems.
  • The ITSG will notify Department Heads concerning Maintenance that extends beyond this window or may result in a noticeable service impact.
  • For large scale service and maintenance, the ITSG will work with Departments Heads and Research Groups to coordinate around time, impact, and community notification.
  • Should the ITSG become aware of a event that may disrupt service (such as a scheduled power shutdown or CIT maintenance) we will pass that notification onto the community as described above.

Additional Support

New/Departing Staff

To ensure timely provisioning of new staff and de-provisioning of departing staff, it is imperative that departments notify the ITSG of personnel changes as soon as you are aware of them.

  • NetID:  NetID’s are provisioned by Day Hall and managed by CIT (IT@Cornell)
    NetIDs will typically be active mid-day of the person’s first day.
    Access based on NetID will be set up following activation of the NetID. Information about getting started with email and calendar is available.
  • Permissions: After NetID activation is complete, the following resources can be set up:
    • Folder Access
      • Staff will be granted access to their department Shared Drive.
      • Additional folder access will need to be specifically requested via the Ticket System.
    • Shared Calendar/Email
    • VPN
      • Required to access network folders and office desktops (remote desktop) from off-campus.
      • For Student Access we typically require a Staff or Faculty member to submit the request on the student’s behalf.
  • Computer(s): Setup of an existing workstation can be done on the day of arrival, but the requisition of a new workstation will typically take 2 weeks (longer in the case of non-standard or server hardware).
  • Training and Onboarding: Once the NetID is active ITSG staff can set up and provide a quick run through of the workstation, email, CIT Training, and other services.
  • Additional Needs: Please work with your embedded IT support staff for any additional IT needs.

Special Event Assistance

We will provide IT support for special events, but the department must submit a ticket with all relevant information at least 10 business days prior to the event. Special events are defined as anything outside of normal business hours, practice and location. Some examples include BOOM, Commencement weekend, etc.

For more information on Event and AV support please see this page: AV and Video Conference Support

Mobile Handheld Device Support

If you receive a phone stipend or have a department-owned mobile device*, we will help you set up connectivity to the University’s central services. If you need assistance with your personal, non-University mobile device we will provide best effort support.

Home Computer or Off-Campus Support

Support is provided for university-owned equipment located at CoE, CIS, and NYCTech Facilities. For division-owned computer equipment off-campus, staff will attempt to resolve minor issues by phone and/or remote access. The user may need to bring the computer to campus to address more substantial problems.

We do not support student or personally owned computing devices and software. ITSG will provide best effort non-warranty voiding support or direct users to university resources.

Hardware/Software Purchases

All requests for hardware and software acquisitions must be approved by your department Administrative staff and follow official University procedures for purchasing. The ITSG will provide consultation to help determine the best solution for your needs.

University policy requires that all computers conform to the standard bundles. Contact the FTC with questions regarding any exceptions.

Contact the ITSG Before Hiring Outside Vendors for a Technology Solution When implementing any technology project—enterprise business software, website, web form, student built application, multi-media equipment, etc.—the involvement of the COECIS ITSG as a project partner is imperative to ensure that the solution can be integrated into the Cornell technical environment and can be maintained once implemented.

Services Provided

ITSG Base Services

Applications and Reporting

  • Academic Reporting and Data Delivery
  • Data Capture / Workflow Systems
  • Database / Web Programming
  • Filemaker Hosting
  • Github Enterprise
  • MS SQL Hosting

AV/Teleconference Support

  • AV Hardware Management (Warranty Management)
  • AV Hardware Recommendation / Standardization
  • Equipment Loaning Service
  • Schedule r25 Classroom Readiness Checklist
  • Videoconferencing Support

End User/Desktop Support

  • Equipment Loaning Service
  • IT Support Desk
  • Printer Setup
  • Procurement Assistance
  • System Configuration and Setup
  • Teaching/Research Lab Support

Infrastructure Support

  • File System Recommendation and Allocation
  • License Servers
  • Print Server

Network Support

  • Network Space Allocation
  • Static IP allocation

Research Support

  • Assistance with CIT Server Farm Facilities
  • Research System Recommendation and Allocation

Security Support

  • File Share Permissions Management
  • IT Security Requirements

Web Support

  • Web hosting consultation
  • Wordpress Hosting

ITSG Supplementary Services

Applications and Reporting

  • Kayako Ticket System

AV/Teleconference Support

  • Distance Ed rooms
  • Media Support
  • Remote Classroom Management
  • On Sight Event Monitoring

End User/Desktop Support

  • Virtual Lab
  • Event Support

Research Support

  • Cluster configuration
  • Compute Cluster
  • Server hardware and system configuration
  • Server hosting
  • Software installation and configuration

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