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Set Up Email Clients for Your Cmail Account

This article applies to: Cmail: Email for Students

We recommend that you read your Cmail messages through the web interface provided by Google. This method requires no setup and, as long as you keep your browser up to date, will require no maintenance on your part.

We recognize that some users may prefer another method, so we're providing basic configuration information for a few clients/devices here.

For all devices, for email address, user, or username, use your address.
For password, use the one associated with your NetID.

We have separate pages for

For iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch), see Google's help page at

For Android devices, see Google's help page at

For other email clients and smartphones (other than iOS or Android), see Google's help page at

We do not recommend configuring Microsoft Outlook to work with Cmail. The necessary steps are quite complicated and future changes by either Microsoft or Google could stop your email from working. CIT does not support this configuration.

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