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Calling Cards

Calling cards are no longer offered at Cornell

AT&T is phasing out use of its corporate calling cards, and Cornell University is no longer issuing new corporate calling cards for faculty, as mentioned previously. The phase-out began May 1, 2015.

For current corporate calling card holders, effective May 1, 2015. AT&T will no longer renew calling card service agreements. Current AT&T calling card users can continue to use their cards (dialing instructions can be found here). *Please note it may take up to four months for charges from AT&T to appear on your billing report.

With the corporate calling card program ending, individuals incurring additional charges on their personal cell or home phone bill as a result of business calls can be reimbursed for the additional expense. International travelers should consider the use of prepaid calling cards when it is more cost effective than adding an international plan to their personal account. Prepaid calling cards should be used only for business related calls and purchased through the Business Service Center.

If you have questions about a calling card or about the changes to the service, contact the IT Service Desk at 255-5500.

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