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Send Email to a Pre-Defined Group via Bulkmail

The procedure for sending an approved message to one or more of the major groups: Students / Academics / Staff / Alumni.

If you want to send a message to a group of addresses that you will provide, please see our Send Email to a List of Addresses article.

This article applies to: Bulkmail, Policy

University Policy 5.2 applies if you want to send a message to ALL members of one or more of the following groups:

  • Alumni
  • Students
  • Academics
  • Staff

Allow at least two business days to complete this process.

  1. Assemble the following pieces of information about your planned mailing:
  2. Send the information to the office of the person who must approve the mailing:
    • Messages to Academics must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty.
    • Messages to Staff (academic and non-academic) must be approved by the Vice President for Human Resources.
    • Messages to Students must be approved by the Vice President for Student and Academic Services.
      Fill out the Registrar's Special Request Form.
    • Messages to Alumni must be approved by the Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development.
    • Messages to all four of the above groups (combined) must be approved by the Vice President for University Relations.
  3. Wait to receive approval from the relevant office.
  4. Send an email to with
  5. CIT's Bulkmail service will respond, via TDX ticket, to your request, walking through the rest of the process, which includes the following:
    1. CIT will provide you with an email address. Send your exact message (subject and body) to that address as if sending it to a regular email address.
      Your message should be as small as practical; under 200 KB is best, your message must be under 700 KB.
      See Send Large Files if you need to include a large attachment.
    2. You will receive a proof-test copy of your message. Check it carefully to make sure it is exactly what you want sent to the group. If it needs changes, go back to step 5a and send your revised message.
    3. When your message is ready, reply to the TDX ticket you received in step 5 with a clear statement that you give approval for the message to be sent.

CIT's Bulkmail service will send your message on the date you specified.

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