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Box Mobile Apps

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Box has two levels of apps that work with their service:

  • Box Official Apps are developed and supported by Box.¬†Most are available for you to use, however some of the apps require an additional license from Box or a subscription to another service such as¬†Salesforce.
  • Commercial apps are developed by third party vendors to work with your files in Box. They are not covered by our contract with Box, and may transfer your data to other services that have not been vetted by Cornell or Box. They should not be used for institutional data.
Unofficial third party apps are likely to pull information out of the secure Box environment and should be not be used for institutional information. You are responsible for Cornell data sent or stored on computers, devices, and services you use.

Before using Box to share, store, or collaborate with institutional information, review the Regulated Data Chart (Box is listed in the Collaboration Services section).

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