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Start a Bomgar Support Session via Jump Client

This article applies to: Bomgar

This article assumes that

  • the user's computer has the Jump Client installed
  • you can see their computer listed in the Representative Console under All Jump Clients
  • the user is present at his/her computer.

We are also assuming that you are on the phone with the end user.

Have you gone over the material covered in our What to Say Before You Begin a Session article with the end user? It is important that the end user is comfortable with the notion of remote access before you begin.
  1. Run the Representative Console on your computer, logging in with your NetID and password.
  2. Double-click on the user's entry under All Jump Clients.
  3. Say to the user something like the following:
    "You should see a small window with a bright orange bar with the word "Bomgar" in it. That's our chat window. Whenever I need your permission to do something, you'll see choices it the chat window to Allow or Refuse. You'll also see a "Stop Sharing" link. If you click that, our session will immediately stop and the application you downloaded will be automatically removed from your computer."
  4. Your window will now display the diagnostic tools you can use during the support session. The end user's chat window will now show that you have begun chatting with them. 
  5. Tell the user that the first thing you're going to do is ask permission to share their screen and access to their mouse and keyboard.  
  6. Click the first icon on the Screen Sharing tab and ask if they see the prompt in their chat window, asking for permission. They should choose Allow.

Before you go any further with your support session, say something like:

"So you can see that I can move your mouse, and if you go ahead and move your mouse, you'll see that you still have control over it as well. For the most part, I'm going to ask that you not use your mouse or keyboard during our session, unless I ask you to do something specifically. I've had people try to check their email while I'm working, not realizing that what they do interrupts what I do..."

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