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Accept a Bomgar Invitation (Overview)

This article applies to: Bomgar

This page is intended for the person who contacted their technical support provider (TSP) about an issue with their computer, and who has been asked to allow the TSP remote access to their computer.

When a TSP has determined that remote assistance is an appropriate tool for your issue, they will typically call you and invite you to join a support session in one of two ways:


During a support session, your TSP will be able to see everything that you see on your monitors. Before you accept the invitation to share, we strongly recommend that you close any documents or applications that contain or display confidential information. We also recommend that you close all documents and applications that display personal information, or that are not related to the issue at hand.

Once you and your TSP have decided which of these two methods to use, click the link above to get more information about what to expect.

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