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IT Professionals

Welcome to the IT@Cornell orientation guide for Cornell University. Whether you are a new or seasoned employee, or moving into a new position within IT@Cornell, these pages can help guide you through all the business processes, administrative functions, and resources available to IT employees...Read more

Mail (also known as Apple Mail) is the email application included with Mac OS X.

The combination of Mail with Apple's calendar application and Address Book offers powerful ways to integrate your email, calendar, task lists, and address book, and many options for organizing your email...Read more

Use an Account Code from an Unrestricted Campus Phone Dial * 4. Wait for the dial tone. Enter the five-digit account code. Wait for the dial tone. Dial 9 + 1 + long distance number. Use an Account Code from a Restricted Campus...Read more

Account codes are used to bill charges for domestic or international long distance calls to Cornell department accounts on a call by call basis. An account code may be used on either unrestricted or restricted campus phones. If you are placing a call from a restricted campus phone, you must...Read more

We recommend that you use an EGA address as the sender when sending Cornell bulkmail.

A "from" address with a recognizable name can make it easier for the recipient to identify the purpose (and importance) of your message. If there are some invalid addresses in your list (and there are...Read more

This is the procedure for sending a message to a large group of email addresses (that you must provide).

Assemble the following pieces of information: message: must be plain text; no colors, bullet lists, font changes, etc. text to appear in subject line of message "from" address: we...Read more

University policy applies if you want to send a message to ALL members of one or more of the following groups:

Alumni Students Faculty Staff

CIT offers the ability to send an email message to large...Read more

Cornell's Box contract only covers active employees and students.

Alumni and retirees will not be able to access their Cornell Box accounts after leaving Cornell.

Students nearing graduation (or otherwise leaving) and staff nearing retirement (or otherwise leaving) should do the...Read more