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IT Professionals

AV Infrastructure offerings support new and, in some cases, existing room technologies by bundling a data network infrastructure with AV remote management tools. This service is intended for both new construction and renovation of classrooms and conference rooms and for the migration of legacy...Read more

In your daily work, you'll encounter some typical administrative tasks such as recording your time, making purchases, or requesting reimbursements. The information on this page will help you get started on some of the most common administrative tasks:...Read more

Cornell is a mission-driven organization: teaching, research, and outreach. The IT Strategic Plan shows how IT supports the university's mission directly, and indirectly by improving related support services and fostering staff development. The work IT@Cornell staff perform is critical to the...Read more

The links below provide an overview of some of the most important IT policies covering security and your responsibilities as an IT employee at Cornell.

Awareness of Confidential Data

You are obligated to do your work in compliance with...Read more

IT@Cornell employees collaborate and network across units, CIT, and all of campus. There are many opportunities and groups for this to happen, including through events, conferences, collaboration tools, email lists, and social media.


Campus...Read more


We develop and implement communication strategies and marketing campaigns for Cornell's information technology (IT) products, services, and initiatives to raise awareness, build buy-in, stimulate growth, modify behavior, guide...Read more

Enterprise Data Services
(formerly Data Architecture and Analytics)

CIT's Enterprise Data Services can help solve your business needs by drawing on data analytics, data modeling, automated data refreshes, and reporting and business intelligence solutions. We can work with you to plan,...Read more