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  • Use OneDrive

    • Microsoft provides information about finding your SharePoint and Teams files in OneDrive. It covers how to: See your SharePoint or Microsoft Teams files in OneDrive on the web...
    • Whether you are joining or leaving Cornell, or you want to transfer your OneDrive data to another individual, group or storage service, here are some suggestions to move files in the Microsoft cloud-based environment.
    • The Microsoft OneDrive icons in desktop notification areas, menu bars, Windows File Explorer, and macOS Finder tell you the sync state of the file or folder.
    • Microsoft provides information about restoring your files in OneDrive. Restore a previous version of a file stored in OneDrive Restore deleted files or folders in OneDrive...
    • Microsoft provides two tools - OneDrive Files On-Demand and Windows Storage Sense - that can help you use less local storage.