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Web Accessibility Articles

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  • PDF Remediation Checklist

    • How to create accessible PDFs with a checklist for all items you need to address.
    • Cornell does not currently have a PDF remediation vendor; the search for a new vendor is in process.
    • Instructions to add tags in Word, InDesign, or Acrobat.
    • In order to be WCAG AA compliant, all images must have accompanying text that conveys the same information. Images that add no meaningful information should be marked as decorative. Doing so ...
    • Bookmarks help users of assistive technology navigate to sections of long documents. Bookmarks should follow the existing structure including the table of contents and headers....
    • WCAG AA Contrast Ratios In order to make PDFs accessible for low vision readers, a certain amount of contrast is required. For normal text WCAG  requires contrast ratios...
    • How to format embedded links to create an accessible document in Adobe Acrobat
    • How to make accessible forms in Adobe Acrobat
    • How to correct the heading structure for an accessible PDF in Word, InDesign, or Acrobat.
    • How to create an accessible list structure using Word, InDesign, or Acrobat.
    • How to set the title of a PDF document in Acrobat or Word.
    • Screen readers use document language to determine pronunciation rules. To make your document accessible, you must set the language.
    • The order in which content is presented or accessed needs to be defined for screen readers, keyboard navigation and small or zoomed in screens. Tag order defines how screen readers will read...
    • How to create an accessible table structure in Word, InDesign, or Acrobat.
    • To ensure that a PDF is sufficiently accessible, use tools to simulate the experience using a screen reader or low vision reader. Keyboard Simulation Simulating the experience of a...