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IT Communication and Documentation Articles

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  • Communication

    • Types of Communications Communications consulting, planning, and coordination Identify communication objectives Conduct audience analysis Recommend and implement...
    • Access restricted. Procedures and approvals to send messages to university constituencies (faculty, staff, students, alumni, or parents of undergraduate students).
    • Have an upcoming event or a story idea for IT@Cornell news? Find out how to submit it.

    How IT@Cornell Works

    • Access restricted.  Instructions to make basic edits to IT@Cornell pages, including main service pages (subsites) and knowledge base articles (KB articles).
    • Access restricted. This information gives some guidance on writing accessible material for IT@Cornell.
    • Access Restricted. How to add images to your IT@Cornell pages.
    • Access restricted. This information outlines how to add a PDF or other type of file (not images) to the IT@Cornell website.
    • Access Restricted. How to align an image left or right and wrap nearby text around it. How to add a caption to an image and how to troubleshoot caption layout.
    • Access restricted. This information outlines how to bulk-upload a group of images or files to the IT@Cornell website and save them in the correct media folder. 
    • Access Restricted. How to change the size of an image in image editing apps such as Photoshop or Snagit, or OS native apps such as Preview (Mac), or Paint (Windows).
    • Access Restricted. Instructions to create and remove internal and external links on IT@Cornell pages
    • Access Restricted. Best image sizes for use on IT@Cornell.
    • How to enter keywords on the IT@Cornell web pages, plus best practices for keywords.
    • Access restricted. This information outlines how to update an existing PDF or other type of file (not images) on the IT@Cornell website.