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  • Use Box

    • For more information about assigning tasks in Box see the Box website at 
    • Box makes it easy to share folders. It’s quite likely that the folder list that you see in Box is a mixture of your folders and those that other people have shared with you. For personal...
    • How to work as a team and share files and tasks in Box.
    • Box allows you to edit some file types directly in Box. For more information see
    • Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations stored in Cornell Box can be edited by multiple people at the same time using Office Online apps. This addition puts together...
    • Get answers to your questions about Box.
    • To log into your Cornell University Enterprise Box account: Go to Click Continue.   You will be directed to CUWebLogin...
    • The Box website contains useful information on how to manage Box files and folders. See
    • You will have to download the content from your previous file sharing service, and then upload the content to your Cornell Box account. For more information see How to Upload Files to Box.
    • Change Access levels in Box
    • You can configure Box to notify you when certain items happen. See for more information.
    • You can control the access levels of your Box folders to allow access to team members or keep the content private. By default, when you create a folder in Box, the default access level is...
    • Setting up Box sync will allow you to select folders in Box that will automatically synchronize with your computer. To get started: Log in to your Cornell Box account at https://...
    • See the Box website for more information on sharing files in Box. The information is available at
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to upload files to Box can be found on the Box website at