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Video on Demand Articles

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  • Common Tasks

    • How to share a Video on Demand media file using links, channels, playlists, or embedded files.
    • Get your videos and other media files into Video on Demand
    • How to Create or Delete a Channel in Video on Demand
    • How to launch the video editor tools and where to find vendor documentation on using the video editor. Also, tips for trimming videos with slides, and how to restore an accidentally deleted slide.
    • How to Embed Video in a Blog
    • How to embed a Video on Demand file in a Confluence page.  The procedure described here assumes a certain degree of familiarity with editing Confluence pages.
    • How to Log in to Video on Demand. How to Log out and clear your credentials.
    • How to add or remove content from a channel in Video on Demand
    • How to add or remove users from a channel in Video on Demand. Also, information about Channel permission levels in Video on Demand.
    • You can manage your collection of videos, audio files, and images on your My Media page in Video on Demand.
    • About Media Collaboration In Cornell Video on Demand, media owners may share control and responsibility of their media several different ways. They can: pass ownership of media...
    • To play a hosted media item such as a video, search or browse for the item on the Video Hosting and Sharing (Video on Demand) website, then click its thumbnail image to open the media page...
    • Use Video on Demand to record video from a webcam on your computer.
    • In addition to using Privacy settings to control access to your channels, media owners can also set a passcode for individual media items. This means only users who have the passcode for that...
    • How to Use Channels in Video on Demand
    • After you upload media, you can create a playlist containing your media and embed the playlist with a media player on your own website. You can create multiple playlists and include media in more than one playlist.