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Email routing service for computer hosts, network devices, scanners, and applications

AppSMTP is an email routing service for computer hosts, network devices, scanners, and applications such as web sites that need to send email to Cornell and external recipients.

While the previous version of this service allowed you to send from any host without any configuration, registration is now required to send email through the service.

Review the requirements for registering with the AppSMTP service, then use the link at the bottom of this page to go to the AppSMTP Registration Portal.

Requirements for Registering to Use the AppSMTP Service

  • You must register the sending email address (learn more About AppSMTP Sender Addresses)
    This address must exist and be eligible for sending. At this time only addresses associated with an Exchange Group Account (EGA) may be registered. To register an address, you must be an Owner or Administrator for the EGA. An address can only be registered once. However, it can have more than one owner to facilitate the management of the registration.
  • You will select the application type (Web Application, Scanner, or Device Monitor) to identify the expected traffic volume your application will generate.
  • You will select one or more service locations where your application resides, such as AWS or Azure
    The AppSMTP service can only be accessed by Cornell addresses (campus networks or Cornell-managed AWS and Azure clouds). It is not available from external sources.
  • You must specify how the source of messages you send will be identified.
    The choices are
    • A Security Certificate (TLS) that your application will use to identify itself.
      This is the preferred method because it is the most secure and does not depend on the network configuration. It is easiest to use an InCommon SSL cert provided through IT@Cornell. You must use a certification signed by a common CA root; a self-signed cert will not work.
    • A DNS Hostname.
      With this method you register using the hostname of the server that your application is running on.
    • An IP Address (CIDR Notation).
      With this method you specify your hostname using its network address in CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) format.

For those who do NOT choose Security Certificate

  • You must determine that the Hostname or IP Address you choose is associated with the network address your application actually uses to send email. It is possible that this is not the same address that is used by the computer itself.
  • If your application is on a network that uses Network Address Translation (SNAT or NAT), the address used to connect to the AppSMTP service may be different from the host address(es) themselves. If you are, for example, using a load balancer to access your application, you will need to determine the address that is actually used when making outgoing connections.

If you choose Security Certificate as the identification method, you do not need to worry about these complications.

The AppSMTP Registration Portal

Registration is accomplished through the AppSMTP Registration Portal.

Click Create Registration, then enter the required information. When finished, click Register Application at the bottom of the form.

Service Details

Regulated Data:

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