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View Shared Office 365 Calendars in Apple Calendar

This article applies to: Apple Calendar

These instructions will add any of the following to Apple Calendar:

  • a personal (NetID account) calendar that someone has shared with you
  • a personal (NetID account) calendar for which you've been given delegate rights
  • a shared Exchange Group Account (EGA) calendar
  • a shared Resource Account (room or equipment) calendar

These instructions assume you have already set up Calendar to access your own NetID account calendar.

  1. From Calendar's Calendar menu, select Preferences.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, click Accounts.
  3. In the Accounts dialog box, click on your own Exchange account in the list on the left. (It may be the only account listed. That's okay.)
  4. Click the Delegation tab.
  5. Under Accounts I can access, click the plus sign.
  6. Type all or part of the NetID or name of the person, resource, or group account whose calendar you want to access. Calendar will display a list of probable matches.
  7. Click on the correct match. Calendar will display the level of access you have for that account.
  8. Click to put a check in the Show column.
  9. Close the Accounts dialog box.
  10. The account you just added will appear under Delegates in the left pane of Calendar's main window.

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