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Antivirus Options: Windows

Cornell policy requires all university-owned computers to use antivirus, but the product used is entirely up to the unit or department. See options for antivirus protection on personal or university-owned Windows computers. 

This article applies to: Antivirus

Windows Native (Built-In) Antivirus Options

We recommend using the following for all Windows computers that are:

  • Personally-owned
  • University-owned and not managed by Cornell tech support with System Center Configuration Manager

Managed computers should use System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP). Tech support staff, only, see how to deploy SCEP via Configuration Manager.

For all cases below, configure your new antivirus for automatic updates and real-time threat protections. If you have questions, consult your local technical support provider or

Windows 7: Microsoft Security Essentials

Windows 8: Windows Defender

Windows 10: Windows Defender

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