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Alumni Using Personal Gmail Accounts

All alumni either already have a Cornell-sponsored Gmail account or can get a Cornell-sponsored Gmail account (as part of G Suite for Education). This service was formerly known as Cmail.

When logging in to your Cornell G Suite account, you will use CUWebLogin (not Google Sign-In) with your address and password.

Currently, alumni users of Cornell G Suite are not required to use Two-Step Login, but are allowed to enroll to get additional security for their Cornell G Suite account. After enrolling in Two-Step Login, new alumni users should be sure to follow the steps at Expand Where You Use Two-Step Login.

Some people have asked whether they can use a personal Gmail account (with an address like but have the messages appear to come from their Cornell address.

The short answer is no. This is known as spoofing and it's a bad thing, even if intended harmlessly. Various email systems look for evidence of spoofing and may block messages and the accounts sending them. Neither Google nor IT@Cornell support this practice.

To summarize: if you want to send email that looks like a Cornell account, send it from your Cornell account.

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