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Determine Your Primary Email Address

This article applies to: Cornell Optional Email Alias

The standard email address at Cornell has the format

substituting your own NetID. An alternative for faculty and staff is

substituting your Cornell Optional Email Alias.

There are times when you'll need to know which is your primary email address (for example, when configuring an iOS device, like an iPad, to work with your Office 365 email account).

If you do NOT have an alias, your NetID address is your primary.

If you DO have an alias, here's how to find out which address is your primary:

  1. Use your browser to go to Outlook on the Web, at
  2. Near the upper-left, click in the area that says Search Mail and People.
  3. Type in your last name.
  4. Find your entry in the search results. The email address shown is your primary address.
    In this example, Penelope uses her NetID address as her primary, while Phil uses his alias address.

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