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IT Service Groups (ITSGs)

Providing IT services specific to each college and unit

IT@Cornell is comprised of two university-structured groups, staffing almost all of the approximately 700 campus IT employees. The central IT organization, Cornell Information Technologies (CIT), focuses on providing central services, infrastructure, and enterprise services. The IT Service Groups (ITSG) provide customized services to colleges and units, as well as some infrastructure. The two groups coordinate their efforts through IT governance and collaborate on a regular basis to leverage expertise and services.

Unit IT Director Email
IT Director, Chair Christen, Sarah
Agriculture and Life Sciences Hufnagel, Chris
Alumni Affairs and Development Stensland, Lisa
Architecture, Art, and Planning Hafner, Andre
Arts and Sciences Strickland, Frank
Budget and Planning Wheeler, Mark
Continuing Education Dobson, Graham
Cornell Information Technologies — IT Service Group Sprole, Shari
Division of Financial Affairs Dwyer, Dan
eCornell Nagarajan, Prabhakaran
Engineering; Computing and Information Science Yoest, Scott
Facilities and Campus Services Olson, Jason
Human Ecology Rainbow, Randi
Human Resources Brahler, Seth
Industrial and Labor Relations — Administrative Applications Robinson, Laura
Industrial and Labor Relations — Desktop Support and Classroom Tech Bishop, Jeff
International Programs — Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs, Global Learning, and Einaudi Center for International Studies Baschnagel, Walt
Johnson College of Business Kruszewski-Warner, Debbi
Law School Baker, Mike

Library Howell, Debra
Research Administration Jacques, Zach
Research Center VanEe, James
Student and Campus Life Sevey, Don
Veterinary Medicine Seccia, Ron
Weill Cornell Medicine Ruffing, John

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